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Cincinnati Bengals' coordinators Jay Gruden and Mike Zimmer is located after the Bengals' playoff loss on Jan. 5. However, the Bengals haven't answered the Eagles' offer to in order to Gruden yet, in response to Comcast SportsNet's Geoff Mosher. As for his brother Jon, his possible to be able to coach again must give Philadelphia pause for thought as just stated.

9:55: When you are getting to the NCAA Tournament do you cheer for that Big Ten because this is the conference your team is in? Or do you hate everybody in major Ten and require them all to remove?

With each passing opportunity, it has been clear as daylight how much the B's are missing their best set-up man in Savard. In 2008-09, Savard racked-up 30 power play points with 21 of those being assists. His vision on the ice to make plays and set-up scoring opportunities are unparalleled, and terribly troublesome to replace.

Mosher also reports that Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator/interim Badminton coach Bruce Arians and Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley have garnered interest from the Eagles. But Arians had to miss the Colts' loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Jan. 6 due to an illness, along with the Seahawks remain in the playoffs, so these candidates have job objectives to your self with right soon.

4:33: My phone is blowing lets start on texts at this moment. Know why I am a believer? ETSU is 5-12 off of the free throw line. They're too nervous for this upset. Tend not to have the confident look in their eyes that crucial for a 16/15/14 seed in to begin with round.

12:56: One quick note all around the OK St-UT game. Oklahoma State has received two starters with two fouls since about the twelve minute mark. It's want notice if Tennessee can take a a run to end the half.

3:00: Northern Iowa showing more patience but they to be able to soon realize the player just can't run with Purdue. Northern Iowa is going to have to rely on 3 point shot to start up the adventure. Once they drain a couple, big men Adam Koch and Jordan Eglseder to have better looks underneath the rim.

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